How To Make Lemon Extract

File Feb 26, 5 30 01 PM.jpeg
  • Cut 3 lemons in half.
  • Juice them and scrape out most of the pulp. 
  • Put the lemon halves in a pint jar.
File Feb 26, 5 32 18 PM.jpeg
  • Pour 1 cup of 150 proof vodka over the lemon halves.   
  • Put the lid on jar.
  • Keep in a dark place.
  • Shake every day for 2 weeks or more until desired taste.
  • Strain the extract. (I put cheese cloth inside the strainer to catch extra sediment.)
  • Ready to use in your favorite recipe!

Shibori Walnut Dyed Wool Blanket

Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique that involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth and binding it.

Here I folded a wool blanket that shrunk and tied it with jute. Then soaked it with water. 

Photo Feb 02, 6 41 07 AM.jpg

Then I dipped the tied blanket in a pot of black walnut dye for a few minutes, turned the blanket and dipped the other side. I left each side in the dye pot for about 10. Untied the blanket and washed it in a mild detergent and put in the dryer.