Bath Soak With Eucalyptus Leaves

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Eucalyptus leaves come from the Blue Gum tree which is native to Australia. The tree can reach over 250 feet and has a vast network of roots. When the eucalyptus globulus leaves are steam distilled they produce an essential oil which can be used for wellness.

Since the winter and cold season is here having the essential oil of eucalyptus in your medicine cabinet is a must. Besides using it as a decongestant, eucalyptus oil can help with the nasal and lower respiratory passage which can restrict the air into the lungs during a cold virus. The oil and its constituent cineole have antiseptic, expectorant and antibacterial properties.    

The following rhyme from the book “The Vine Rhyme Herbal”, by Jeffery Mason, sums up the medicinal purposes of eucalyptus leaves.

Externally in healing salves, 

Eucalyptus tis one of the best we have,

For clearing excess mucus in the chest,

Curing colds and bringing rest,

From influenza, bronchitis and sinusitis,

Salves help muscular pain as well as arthritis,   

The tea taken inwardly we be told,

Shall also cure thy flu or cold.

Here's an easy way to make a soak for the bath using eucalyptus leaves. Powder the leaves in a blender and sift. Put the sifted powder back in the blender with some Epsom salts. Blend until the consistency is somewhat of a medium texture. 

Put the mixture into a clean recycled bottle and rubber stamped a eucalyptus leaf on the front with ink for glass. No need to add eucalyptus essential oil as the leaves have much of the same properties and are very aromatic.

Add a 1/2 cup of the salts to your bath, breath deep and let the steam relieve your congestion while the constituents of the oils in the leaves penetrate your skin creating wellness.