Reflecting on the past, my first interaction with plants was at the age of 5 or 6. As a child I would pick rose petals, put them in a container, add water, and macerate them with a stick to produce a scent, then stir in grass and other plant materials to create a soup.

On one occasion I recall plucking the yellow spadix out of the center of a calla lily flower, crumbling the spadix into a bowl, stirring and tasting it which brings back vivid memories of a nasty and numbing sensation in my mouth. While writing this I discovered the spadix contains calcium oxalate raphides which are crystals that occur in plant cells and their main function is to repel animals from plants and is mildly poisonous to humans.

Fast forward to the present - still loving plants.......... 

My appreciation for plants as food, medicine, decor, crafting and pure enjoyment is immense which lead me to get certifications in herbal studies and aromatherapy.

Wherever I have lived plants have been a part of my life. I've planted and maintained vegetable and flower gardens in the various states I have lived, along with designing children's gardens. I maintained a blog Beyond A Garden (Starting it over here in website format.) for many years and wrote various articles for magazines. 

As an educated pre-k teacher I wove nature throughout the curriculum. (Teaching 4 & 5 year olds is still dear to my heart.) 

Lately, a few different people mentioned that I am a minimalist. I never thought of myself as a minimalist. Yes, I like to be organized, but due to moving so many times over the years the “minimalist” I am now slowly evolved and not always by choice. I do prefer to live a simpler life which creates less stress and makes you much more aware of your surroundings and everyday details.

Let nature be part of your everyday creativity. Share your thoughts on plants, creativity or simple living at